Compare Decision Making Models

Compare decision making models, team decision making, management decision making

Side-By-Side Comparison

Decision Making Models: When They Work Well

Autocratic Avoidant Consensus Consent Consultative Delegation Democratic Stochastic
Narrow Impact     
Information is Readily Available      
Information is Lacking      
Way Forward is Clear      
Way Forward is Unclear      
Well-Defined Options      
Undefined Options      
Predictable Outcomes      
Uncertain Outcomes      
Concentrated Expertise (you)     
Concentrated Expertise (not you)      
Dispersed Expertise      
Lack of Expertise      
Irreversible Consequences       
Reversible Consequences       
Team Has Candor      
Team Lacks Candor      
Objective Opinions     
Subjective Opinions       
High Risk       
Low Risk      
Need to Gather Support      
No Need to Gather Support     
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