Decide Better Together

There are lots of group decision-making models. Explore each and find one that works well for your group's needs and circumstance.

Why We Built This

Making decisions is an absolutely necessary function of any productive group. Without decisions, literally nothing happens. Decisions impact how we view leaders. Decisions control our fates as individuals within groups.

Decisions are important, yet we rarely pay any attention to how we decide.

Instead of choosing the right decision-making model for the situation at hand, we either fall back on norms or simply decide for ourselves in isolation. But a knee-jerk reaction can have irreversible negative consequences, both economically and culturally within our groups.

We built this to support groups in decision making and to help groups become more conscious of their decision making.

Why You Should Trust Us

This site was created by NOBL, the global change agency. We help leaders make change.

Our recommendations are based on exhaustive study and real-world practice by a team of organizational researchers, organizational psychologists, and experienced change agents. We have advised organizations of all sizes, across almost every industry, under almost every imaginable condition. 

Our recommendations highlight when a specific decision-making model works well, but that model may not work for all groups under all circumstances. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to use this with my team on Slack?
Yes! Go add The Decider to Slack.

What decision-making models are currently represented here?
Autocratic, Avoidant, Consensus, Consent, Consultative, Delegation, Democratic, and Stochastic

Is there a way to compare them all side-by-side?
Yes, there is. Click here to compare. Be warned, it's darn unusable on mobile. Save it for desktop viewing.

Why so few questions? Surely there are more things to consider when choosing a decision-making model?
This site uses a process of elimination to help you discover a decision-making model. When we designed the process, we looked at two dozen separate criteria but we quickly found that many had the same effect on eliminating or selecting a decision-making model. As a metaphor, when you're trying to decide what to wear you'll likely consider dozens of variables but whether it's raining or not has an outsized effect on your decision. The questions you see here are the ones that have the biggest impact on eliminating options. 

Where can I find more tools like this?
Head over to our Resources page and be a kid in our candy store.

Who can I contact for Slack bot support?

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